Illustrator Animation Techniques

  • Matt Kloskowski


An often-overlooked feature in Adobe Illustrator is the ability to create animations. Yes, I know—Illustrator isn’t actually an animation tool. But the features within Illustrator give you the power to create the image sequences necessary for creating animations. In this chapter, you’ll learn various methods that will assist you in creating animation using Illustrator. In some instances, this process can be manual and you must create each individual layer. In others it may be possible to use a custom brush to remove some of the work. But in most cases, you’ll use Illustrator’s powerful Blend or Transform tools to complete these repetitive steps. You’ll then learn to use Illustrator’s Release to Layers command to ready the illustration for export. Finally, you’ll learn two popular file-saving options when exporting your animation-bound illustrations: SWF and PSD. In the end, you’ll have a strong foundation for using Illustrator to help you with animation, and you’ll be inspired to use these effects in your own work.


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