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Different people see different things in Some people appreciate the rich colors and design; others enjoy the motion graphics. The aspect of the site that has generated the most controversy, however, is the content. While it works for some, others have challenged whether such emotive, personal material based on feminist philisiphies should be portrayed on the Internet at all — multiple visual narratives examining, not without a flavor of irony, those private hopes, dreams, fears in life and love. Some people have said that the level of intense personal privacy unsettles them; they were surprised to see something so intimate exhibited in such a public forum. But we’re familiar enough with artists using twisted, gory figures on their oil canvases to express themselves, so why would the Web, as an exhibition space, be treated any didderently? Should it simply be an information exchange, an e-commerce marketplace, or a showcase for cutting-edge, experimental design, devoid of any sentiment or emotional content?


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