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Life experiences have a tremendous impact on my design and thought process life events are something that we can all associate with, so, like most designers, I draw from the stimulus around me to try and create ways for users to events in my life triggers a thought, that thought is turned into an idea, and that idea eventually becomes the starting point of my artwork. Every day is filled with new experiences to provoke thought and inspiration. Sometimes they’re a little too obvious; you meet someone new, you feel a breeze flow through your hair, your boss throws a pile of work on your desk that you have to get done by tomorrow morning. For me, the inspiration that I get from these comes from both the experience itself and my response to it, the way it makes me feel I get angry, I feel elated, I’m saddened — most of the work I try to create emerges from the relationship between a particular experience and these feeling that it invokes.


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