Backup and Recovery in RAC

by Syed Jaffar Hussain
  • Syed Jaffar Hussain
  • Tariq Farooq
  • Riyaj Shamsudeen
  • Kai Yu


Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) minimizes the impact of unplanned instances outages with its high-availability infrastructure. Nevertheless, it remains a crucial and very challenging task for DBAs to safeguard business-critical data from database failures and ensure its continuous availability. Data loss may occur in the form of any hardware, software, or disk failures or unintentional human error. As a result, the DBA must develop and test comprehensive strategies for database backup and recovery operations. More importantly, a key factor to consider is the ability to restore and recover the database within business-agreed time limits (such as a service-level agreement, or SLA) to ensure quick database accessibility to the end users.


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