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Having covered some of the history and inspiration behind Windows 8 and the new Modern UI design language, let’s unwrap what Windows 8 truly means for developers by looking under the hood of the platform. Built from the ground up, Windows 8 is Windows reimagined and presents one of biggest opportunities for developers. With the massive PC/Windows user base worldwide looking to upgrade to Windows 8 or purchase newer hardware, your Windows 8 Store Apps have a huge audience right out of the gate. The potential to make a name for yourself is definitely big, especially since the Windows 8 Store is starting from scratch. Every App has an equal opportunity to shine. But before you can embark on the journey to make your dream Windows 8 Store App, you should spend some time in this chapter to understand the moving pieces in the underlying platform, to learn how to make sane development choices, and to explore the tools and templates readily available to App developers. Let’s get started.


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