Media and Sensors

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Today’s computers—especially the new breed of tablets and hybrids—are sophisticated devices. Not only do they push the boundaries of computing, but they also come loaded with various device sensors. And, pictures, audio, and video are worth a thousand words. Don’t you want to provide the users of your Windows 8 Store app with an immersive rich user experience? If yes, leverage multimedia capabilities to provide a personal visual experience through your app so that the user feels intimate and comfortable enough to settle down on a couch to enjoy it. Also, if you know the user’s device has supported sensors, you have a clear opportunity to tap into these sensors’ input to augment the experience of using your app. Use sensor feedback from the device to enable unique experiences that make your Windows 8 app “unputdownable.” Ready? This chapter will give you a preview of all that is possible with media and sensors in Windows 8 Store apps.


Sensor Feedback Device Sensor Light Sensor Visual Studio Event Handler 
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