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How can it be that vast numbers of employees across industries are demoralized, disengaged, dissatisfied, disrespected, and worn out, while concurrently organization executives are trying to figure out how to motivate their employees to give more of themselves and assume greater responsibility and accountability, control turnover, build greater cooperation and teamwork, while, cutting expenses for the umpteenth time? Why is it that only a relatively small number of successful businesses and not-for-profit organizations have employees who are happy, engaged, committed, proud of their employers and their own work-related contributions, and highly productive year after year? Very few organizations have cracked the code on how to ignite and sustain employee engagement while boosting individual and overall organization productivity. So the question must be asked: What “something special” do high-performing organizations possess that fosters not just admirable and positive work environments but also sustains high levels of overall organizational performance?


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