Capacity Planning

  • Navin Sabharwal
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After gaining an understanding of the concepts of cloud computing and capacity management in prior chapters, this chapter focuses on capacity management as a process in the cloud. This chapter explains a pragmatic approach for implementing best practices in cloud capacity management that will help cloud service providers in designing and implementing capacity management processes in the most cost-effective fashion. Capacity management as a process has been described in Chapters 4 and 5, and should be adopted to ensure optimum utilization of capacity for cloud providers and consumers alike. The conventional IT service model may not be the best fit for the cloud environment. This chapter bridges the gap between traditional capacity management practices and cloud service models, and it showcases capacity management process design and implementation in the cloud landscape using IT service management best practices. Capacity management from the cloud service provider’s view has been segregated into capacity management for new services and ongoing capacity management for existing services. This chapter will present an integrated scenario of how ITSM best practices for capacity planning get addressed in the cloud environment.


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