Setting Up the Game

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With the major landmarks in place, it’s time to put all the pieces together for game play. You will be starting the player somewhere near the chest, where he can find the first clue. Although his path through the game need not be linear, the next task will be to find the golden sleeve somewhere within the maze. A short raft ride will help him secure the vial of life-giving elixir. Examining the earth shrine will trigger the rockfall from which the player will gain access to the crystal. With both the crystal and golden sleeve, he will be able to construct the laser that is required to open the temple. Access to the temple will allow the player to discover a fabulous golden topi fruit. Unfortunately, when he tries to take it, he will be sent deep into the maze, where he will be able to talk to the first character. With a few clues and a large rock, he can head back into the temple and have better luck taking the golden fruit. Still somewhat clueless, he will then encounter the second character. She will provide him with the knowledge to finish the quest and give him some enlightening hints about how to get through the tunnels.


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