Sample Application: Application Structure and Domain Model

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There are two main approaches to learning new stuff: learning by practicing or learning the theory first. If the first one is your preferred option, the next three chapters are for you. If you prefer knowing theory first, you might want to skip to Chapter 8 and continue reading to Chapter 18 before coming back here. In the next three chapters I’ll help you build a sample application using ASP.NET Web API. Also, Chapter 7 will cover implementing a .NET wrapper around our HTTP API to make its consumption easy from .NET applications. We’ll then use this wrapper to build a client application based on ASP.NET MVC. However, the client application doesn’t have to be an ASP.NET MVC application. It could be an HTML5 application that makes AJAX calls to the HTTP API, a Windows Store application, or an iOS application. Any platform that knows how to talk HTTP can consume our HTTP API.


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