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Building Smart Web Applications

  • Don Syme
  • Adam Granicz
  • Antonio Cisternino


Delivering content and aplications via web browsers is one of the most important aspects of modern software development. This chapter examines how you can build web applications using F#. The topics covered are:
  • Serving static files and dynamic content by directly responding to HTTP requests

  • Techniques to build client-based web applications with WebSharper, the main F# web framework

  • A walkthrough of the main WebSharper features, including pagelets, sitelets, formlets, and flowlets

  • Using dynamic templates and sitelets to build WebSharper applications

  • Building sitelets that handle different HTTP requests

  • Using dependent formlets and flowlets to model user interface dependencies and wizard-like sequences of web forms

  • Defining resources and attaching them to different code units

  • A brief overview of developing WebSharper extensions to third-party JavaScript libraries

  • Defining WebSharper proxies to extend the JavaScript translation coverage to additional .NET types


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  • Adam Granicz
  • Antonio Cisternino

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