Creating a Motorized LEGO Technic Vehicle

  • Mark Rollins


Now that I have introduced the basic LEGO Technic pieces, it is time to get into the basics of construction. You will discover that building in LEGO Technic will be easier if you follow the following three precepts of LEGO architecture:
  • If you build it, build it strong: Every LEGO structure has to be fortified so it can simply stand on its own without any danger of crumbling. For this reason, fortify weak links in your structure as best as you can with two connector pegs on every studless connection.

  • Ease your pain: Once you have figured out what you want to build with LEGO Technic, you might have an easier method of building if you create a wireframe model. This is when you find a picture of it and make a LEGO Technic model of it with just the frame and no other interior details.

  • Go the distance: Now that you have built your wire-frame model, figure out where you will put details like the steering column and other features that you want to have. Plan out the LEGO Power Functions battery box first, as well as the motor, since these take up the most volume.


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