Sharing Apps in the Windows Store

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Most craftsmen finishing a work don’t want to tuck it away in a place where only they can see it—they want to share it with others who can appreciate it or get some value from it. This is as true for a software application as it is a work of art. Prior to Windows 8, if you were to ask “How do I share my applications with other people?” the answer would have invariably focused on the logistics of creating an installer package or the benefits of XCOPY deployment. The answer would most likely have lacked, however, any indication of how to make sure people knew about the application’s availability or how to monetize the application if that is your goal. In this chapter, you will learn about the Windows Store, which is the primary method for distributing applications built for Windows 8. You will learn about giving your application a unique brand, packaging the application for distribution, and navigating the submission process. This chapter will not cover establishing a developer account or making use of in-app payment features enabled by the Windows Store APIs.


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