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Shane Kelley’s story presents an interesting study in contradiction. Trained by his father who was, in turn, trained by his father, Kelley joined the highly successful family trusts and estates firm in Fort Lauderdale right out of law school and has worked there ever since. Coming from a family of lawyers, some of whom practice together and all of whom have remained in close proximity to one another, the Kelley family illustrates an unusual legacy of close-knit professionalism. It is in comparing the strong ties that exemplify the Kelley family to their trusts and estates practice that the contradiction becomes apparent. The dissolution of the traditional family model is what drives much of Kelley’s practice: seniors distanced from their children subjected to the predatory conduct of strangers, multiple marriages leading to distrust and alienation amongst children, corrupt fiduciaries, and philandering spouses. Add to this mix some very high-profile names and cases, such as Edna Winston and Anna Nicole Smith, and you have a good insight into the diversity and challenges posed by Kelley’s practice.


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