Summing It All Up

Execute Your Plan—and Keep It Simple
  • Robert Robbins


Now that you are armed with the tactical trend trading system I have outlined in the pages of this book, the time has come for you to finalize your plan of attack against the financial markets. Your battle plan should incorporate your methodology for generating returns and your risk control measures, and simplicity of execution is paramount. After all, events unfold quickly in the financial markets, and simplicity allows you to adapt to these changes as they present themselves. While I analyze myriad indicators, statistics, and various market inputs in my trading, the core of my work simply involves buying leading markets, shorting the weakest markets, and using a stop if my positions move against me. The simplicity of my trading approach keeps me in synch with changes whether or not I can anticipate them. It enables me to react to changes rapidly, protect my positions and my portfolio, and stay in tune with the ever-evolving nature of the markets. It promotes the dynamism and longevity of my portfolio in a way that would not be possible with an overly optimized and complex system.


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