Monitoring the Hosting Platform

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Another very important aspect in the management of the consolidated platform solutions is monitoring. For this purpose many companies have developed their own home-grown monitoring solutions, partly based on existing frameworks, partially written on their own. Very often these solutions have been maintained over a long period of time and have constantly evolved. Although such solutions may work very well for the specific systems for which they were written, there are many potential problems associated with an in-house developed monitoring solution. Consider for example that the main server platform was AIX, with a little Solaris in the mix as it was common for many enterprises. In such environments korn-shell scripts often bore the brunt of the work. The question to ask is: how flexible are your scripts when you change your hardware platform? Has everything been coded so that it is operating system independent? If your new platform is Linux, then there might not be a huge need to rewrite, but if your monitoring solution has to support an altogether different platform—Windows, for example—then you cannot readily make use of any shell scripting. Something more flexible is needed.


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