A Completed Game: Belt Commander

  • Lucas Jordan


Throughout this book, we have covered a number of techniques for building iOS games. We looked at how to build the basic application flow for a game in Chapter 3. We learned how to build a basic turn-by-turn game when we looked at Coin Sorter in Chapter 4. Then we moved in to frame-by-frame games and learned how to build a game that is in constant motion in Chapter 5. In Chapters 6 and 7, we looked at how to create different types of actors to populate our game. Chapter 8 covered how to capture user input that manipulates in-game elements, and Chapter 9 looked at how to reach out to our players with Game Center and other social media services. In Chapter 10, we discussed how to add in-app purchases and to help make some money with our game. In Chapter 11, we added sound effects to our game. In this chapter, we are going to bring all of these elements together into one full-featured game, Belt Commander. The title graphic is shown in Figure 12-1.


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