In Chapter 5, I showed you how to use the single-page layout to create the foundation for a Windows app. As I did this, I used button and anchor (a) elements to navigate around the content, much as I would have done in a regular web app. In this chapter, I’ll show you the app-specific controls that are dedicated to offering the commands to navigate around the app and to manipulate the data or objects that it presents: the AppBar and the NavBar. These controls provide a big part of the distinctive visual style and interaction model of a Windows app and are present in most apps (the exception seems to be games, where nonstandard interfaces are common). In this chapter, I’ll show you how to create and apply these controls and, in doing so, provide more detail about the WinJS control model, which I touched on in Chapter 5 when I used HtmlControl to import content.


View Model Content Page Command Button User Click Navigation Command 
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