A World of 3D Printers

  • Brian Evans


If you’ve picked up this book, then you are as captivated by the possibilities of 3D printing as much as I am. Maybe you’ve seen one of the many personal 3D printers in the media and you want to know more; maybe you are an artist, designer, engineer, inventor, or a maker of things and want to know how to get started 3D printing your designs; or maybe you have already purchased your 3D printer and now just need some help in learning what to do with it. Th is chapter begins our journey with 3D printers, starting with a general overview of how 3D printers work. We then take a look at many of the current DIY 3D printers on the market today for under $2,000 to serve as a buyer’s guide for picking up a new printer, or simply just to give you an idea for where the 3D printer you might already own fits in. We will then wrap up the chapter with a discussion of the materials and supplies that you will need to successfully complete the projects in this book.


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