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One of the debates that comes up frequently in conversations about mobile development is the idea of web apps vs. native apps. So far, we#x2019;ve been writing native apps exclusively; by native app, we mean an app written in Objective-C, compiled into a binary executable format, and installed on a device. The alternative, a web app, is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; installed onto a server; and accessed via a browser—instead of being compiled into executable binaries, the JavaScript is interpreted at runtime. There are some frameworks available that try to bridge the gap, essentially hiding the web site inside a native app that is no more than a web browser, but it#x2019;s usually easy to tell the difference between native apps and web apps. Native apps run faster, have smoother user interaction, and can do more on the phone than their web counterparts. This book has been about writing native apps, and this chapter is about them doing more.


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