Alarm System

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Now that you are comfortable with your ADK board and the different sensors and components you have used so far, it is time for something bigger. In the final chapter you will be combining some of the components you used in the previous chapters to build two versions of an alarm system. You will get to know new components—the tilt-switch and the IR light barrier, consisting of an IR LED and an IR detector—widely used in the real world for numerous applications. In two separate projects you will learn how to integrate these components into a small alarm system so that they trigger an alarm. On the hardware side, the alarm will be expressed by a blinking red LED and a piezo buzzer that generates a high-pitched sound. Your Android device will persist the alarm event in a log file and, depending on the current project, it will additionally either send a notification SMS or take a picture of the intruder and save it to your filesystem.


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