Conclusion: Putting It All Together

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Among my friends who do the type of work I do, we sometimes debate the question: Is it the practice or the practitioner? What we are trying to get at is, how much of the success we experience in our projects is due to our skill and experience in general and how much is due to the specific methods we use? We generally agree that the practitioner is a large component of the equation: It is difficult to work with both IT and businesspeople, understanding what they are really trying to say and proposing and building solutions that will really meet their needs. It takes a lot of experience and hard-won skill to do this job well. One of my favorite expressions is: Good decisions come from wisdom; wisdom comes from bad decisions. There’s nothing like learning from your mistakes to make you wiser. However, I believe that at any given level of skill and experience, there are some basic things you can learn that will make you better at what you do: Getting shared commitment from your stakeholders and building from a good foundation of shared understanding are crucial to the success of any project. The way to make this happen is through the application of tools that will help get everyone onto the same page.


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