Innovating Around Paradoxes

  • Christian Kraft


Looking at paradoxes is another excellent method for creating user experience innovation. If you, for example, see the need for security on your website as essential among your target users, but you are at the same time dealing with target users who have a profound need for simplicity, this may be a paradox that you would like to focus on. The need for both simplicity and security is a common paradox. Following are some general examples of paradoxes you might encounter:
  • If you a designing video-editing software, users will often demand more functionality, but they will also suffer from an increased number of functions.

  • If you are designing a device for physically challenged people who at the same time want a modern-looking product, you may be faced with a paradox.

  • Users may have a need to know where they are, but at the same time not desire that other people know where they are.

  • Your news website may be funded primarily by banner commercials, but the end users mainly want to read the news.


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