Project Management Success

“What do you mean’ Expect the expected?’”
  • Bart Gerardi


A project sometimes fails. Some of the time, it’s a spectacular failure. Other times, it merely fizzles out into insignificance. Whatever the case, the project didn’t go as planned. Your program manager—sometimes called a portfolio manager or engagement manager—probably won’t be all that surprised. Some projects succeed, some projects fail; what matters is that the portfolio is acting as it should. Some projects die out because the idea was bad, or the product is bad, or the market isn’t ready. Others encounter wildly unforeseen circumstances, such as a breakthrough technology that renders a product obsolete nearly immediately, or a crisis or legislation that makes bringing something to market impossible. Unforeseen, unmitigable problems cause portfolio managers to shrug, curse a little, and then cut their losses. No sense throwing good money after bad.


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