The Gift Cycle

Setting the Foundation
  • Jeffrey David Stauch


A fundraising shop does not just ceaselessly ask people for money. There is a lot of strategy behind crafting a message, coming up with an annual plan, and so on. It isnt rocket science, but its important to know that a lot of thought has gone into those appeals you get in the mail, or those phone calls you get between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. local time.1 They were timed that way on purpose. Your efforts must be just as well planned. While annual planning and strategizing are not the primary focus of this chapter (well cover these topics at great length in Chapter 6), theyll give you a backdrop for thinking about its contents: an overview of the gift cycle, and the steps you will take to engage donors and maximize their contributions to your organization. 1 Yes, even the really bad pieces of direct mail.


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