Get Published: Testing, Deploying and Distributing Your Applications

  • Mark Mamone


The chapters thus far have taken you through everything from introducing the devices, the software development kits, the language, and the tools to a series of chapters on how to write your first iOS mobile device-based application. This knowledge culminates with you having an application, or even a library, that you will want to test, deploy, and publish—typically in that order. In this chapter you’ll use the features of Xcode 4 and the iOS Simulator to thoroughly test your application. You’ll also test it on a real device before you learn how to deploy and publish your application through the App Store. Specifically, you’ll be looking at the following:
  • Introduction to the testing features available to you.

  • Overview of Xcode 4 and the iOS Simulator’s testing capabilities.

  • How to deploy your application.

  • Preparing to publish your application.

  • Publishing via the App Store.


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