Evaluate All Risk Response Options in the Risk Plan

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Since risks are generally perceived as bad, it makes sense that the first instinct of a project manager would be to eliminate them. Mitigation is a risk response that tries to minimize the probability of a risk occurring (down to 0 percent, which would eliminate it entirely) or to minimize the impact of the risk on your project (down to zero impact, which would make the risk irrelevant). However, there are a number of other options for responding to a risk, including:
  • Leave it: This option is appropriate if you recognize the risk but don’t have any practical way to deal with it. This is also a good option if the cost of managing the risk is greater than the risk impact on your project.

  • Monitor the risk: This is a good option if the risk event is quite a ways in the future. You may have enough time to monitor the risk to see if it will go away on its own. The project manager can create a risk plan later when the risk event is closer if the probability and impact of the risk are still too high.

  • Avoid the risk: You may be able to isolate and avoid the condition causing the risk. For instance, if there is risk associated with a new model of equipment, you may decide to use the older equipment model. In this case, the entire risk was avoided by changing the nature of the project.

  • Move the risk: In some instances, the responsibility for managing a risk can be removed from the project by assigning the risk to another entity or third party. For example, you may have risk associated with the lack of a key skill in your organization. You may outsource this work to a third party. The risk is still there but it is now the responsibility of the third party.


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