Instant Communication with iChat and FaceTime

  • Scott Mayers
  • Mike Lee


Beyond Mail, Apple includes a couple of additional applications that are designed for communications: iChat and FaceTime. Unlike Mail, iChat and FaceTime are generally intended for real-time communication, much like talking on the telephone. Unlike the telephone, these applications and the technologies behind them can go far beyond just real-time voice communication. FaceTime, which is a relatively new Mac OS X application (though it has been included with many recent iOS devices) provides realtime video communication between your computer and other computers and supported mobile devices (such as recent iPhones and iPads). iChat on the other hand has been part of Mac OS X since version 10.2, and today can be used for text, voice, or video chat over a number of popular instant-messaging (IM) protocols. In this chapter we will cover
  • Getting set up with iChat

  • Adding and managing iChat “buddies”

  • Text-based IM

  • Voice and video with iChat

  • iChat file transfers

  • Using FaceTime


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