Integrating Graphique into the Mac OS X Desktop

  • Michael Privat
  • Robert Warner


Right now, Graphique is an application island in the sea of the Mac OS X desktop. You can launch it, run it, use it fruitfully, and close it, and it’s all self-contained. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Mac users have grown to expect more from an application: they want it to work with the rest of the Mac OS X ecosystem. In this chapter, you integrate Graphique into that ecosystem, expanding its borders beyond the current shoreline into Finder and the menu bar. At the end of this chapter, you’ll be able to save your equations to files, and then double-click them in Finder to launch Graphique and display their graphs. You’ll also be able to use Quick Look to see your graphs from within Finder. Finally, you’ll be able to display an icon in the menu bar and launch the most recent ten equations from it.


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