Increase App Performance Using Image and Data Caching Techniques

  • Khang Vo


In this chapter, you will learn about:
  • How network and file IO processing affect app performance.

  • Common problems and techniques related to caching algorithms.

  • Specific problems in iPhone Caching techniques.
    • What you should cache.

    • When you should cache.

    • How to implement caching.

    • Where you should cache data and images.

  • The tradeoff between memory consumption and performance. For most iPhone apps today, developers usually either load data from their own servers or consume data from third-party services. A minority of apps have data stored in the file system and load it to display to users when necessary. Very few apps do not use any kind of network or file IO processing. Therefore, understanding the impact of these types of processing helps you to figure out problems and solve them easier.


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