Comparing Android and Windows Phone Performance Problems

  • Khang Vo


In this chapter, you will learn the following:
  • General knowledge and differences between the three platforms and three programming languages used in Smartphone development.

  • How to revise many important aspects of application performance that you learned for iOS to apply to Android and Windows Phone, such as:
    • How to benchmark applications for Android and Windows Phone.

    • How to optimize the scrolling performance.

    • The differences in caching and data storage.

    • A brief lesson in data structure and algorithms for the three platforms.

    • A brief lesson in multithreading on the three platforms. Android is different than the other two platforms.

    • Lessons about memory constraints.

    • The different ways these platforms handle multitasking.

    • How to integrate C/C++ code into your Android application.

This chapter will provide a general vision of the three main important Smartphone platforms in the near future: iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. They are growing up and making huge innovations to keep a competitive advantage against their competitors. For some basic and trivial applications, you won’t care to optimize performance for each platform because it takes so much time and effort; you can write a cross-platform application to save time.




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