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Sometimes it seems like the amount of information we put onto our computers is growing faster than we can keep up with. Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you add or create information, you could organize it into to tidy containers that are easy to navigate and search? That’s what Windows 7 does. It stores files, runs programs, and connects you to other computers and people with the following tools:
  • The Start Menu and Taskbar, which help you find and access the programs that are available or in use on your computer. Chapter 1 shows you many ways to tailor these and other features to make it easy to find and use your programs and Windows features. Chapter 4 shows you how to manage, add, and delete programs and features on your computer.

  • Libraries, which provide containers for several of the most common types of information you store and use on your computer: documents, pictures, videos, and music. Libraries make it easy for you to decide where to put things on your computer and where to find them later. You can also create your own libraries for additional information and file types that you use frequently and would like to group together.

  • Folders and the file system—the traditional storage structure for Windows and computers. Folders are still very important for organizing and storing your files, but you no longer need to try to remember a long path name to find your documents. Though this chapter does not depend on a substantial knowledge about folders, drives, and paths, if you need a refresher, take a look at the Computer window section in the Quick Start Guide.

  • Favorites, which provide links to web sites, network locations, and local folders that you visit and use frequently. Chapter 9 shows you how to add these nifty shortcuts to your repertoire of.


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