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  • Brandon Alexander
  • Brad Dillion
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Xcode has undergone another major revision. This time around, Xcode has one giant window with tabs. A ton of new features with this release make the developer’s job easier. Some of these new features include
  • A single, unified window that brings everything together.

  • The Jump Bar brings quicker navigation through a project as well as a single source file without taking up too much space.

  • Interface Builder is fully integrated into Xcode allowing for even tighter integration between the nib and source.

  • The Xcode Assistant is a two-pane editor that, when enabled, will pick an appropriate file to view next to the editor in which you are editing.

  • LLVM 3.0 is fully integrated into the Xcode which means better syntax highlighting, code completion and many other features that LLVM has.

  • Fix-it uses some features of LLVM to not only display compile errors but suggest quick fixes.

  • Xcode has better integration with some common version control systems: Git and Subversion (SVN).

  • A brand new debugger: LLDB is to GDB as LLVM is to GCC.

  • Instruments has a new interface featuring a Jump Bar and other features borrowed from the Xcode interface.


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