I have been looking forward to writing this chapter on the MapKit framework and Storyboarding since I first conceived this book. This and the next two chapters will represent the culmination of our work together. Our journey is almost over and it is fitting that we finish with a bang. I am confident that integrating the MapKit framework, Storyboarding, TableViews, and iTunes will not disappoint you. This is not a trivial matter. Our journey over the last three chapters will be as follows: Chapter 9 will be Storyboarding and the MapKit framework. Chapter 10 will be Storyboarding, TableViews, and the MapKit framework. Finally, in Chapter 11, we will tackle Storyboarding and the iTunes stores (the place where you will place your apps). We will get more into Chapter 11 later, but suffice to say, I will show you how the most compelling apps incorporate Storyboarding, the MapKit framework, TableViews, and the Internet/iTunes store.


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