Choosing the Right Cursor

  • Melanie Caffrey


Anyone who has ever written a PL/SQL function or procedure that performs any looping logic knows the pain of choosing just the right type of cursor—or the pain of choosing the wrong type of cursor. Choosing the right type of cursor for the right programmatic situation is what this chapter strives to teach you. Choosing the wrong type of cursor may result in your users, your peers, or your managers (or all of them) losing faith in your ability to serve the technical needs of the business requirements. Choosing the wrong type of cursor may also lead to a great amount of time debugging system slowdowns in production and, as what you may deem a worst-case scenario, a diminished paycheck. Given the potential pitfalls and consequences, every PL/SQL programmer should strive to choose a type of cursor that works best for each individual technical problem she must solve.


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