Rock, Paper, Scissors

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In this chapter, you learned how to implement a familiar game using features of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, along with general programming techniques. These included
  • styles, in particular the font-family property

  • form and input fields for displaying the score

  • event handling using addEventListener for the mouse click event

  • animation using setInterval and clearInterval

  • audio elements for sound and source elements for working with different browsers

  • getElementByTagname and play for specific control of audio clips

  • programmer-defined objects for drawing programmer-created buttons on the screen, with logic for determining if the mouse cursor was clicked on a specific button

  • arrays of arrays for game rules

The next chapter describes another familiar, childhood game: Hangman. It combines techniques of drawing on canvas and creating HTML elements using code that you have learned in previous chapters along with some new CSS and JavaScript features.


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