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In this chapter, you learned how to implement a card game using features of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS along with general programming techniques. These included
  • Generating a set of Image objects based on names of external files

  • Designing a programmer-defined object for cards, incorporating the Images

  • Drawing images and text on the screen

  • Making use of for, while, and if to implement the logic of blackjack

  • Using calculations and logic to generate the computer’s moves

  • Establishing event handling for the keydown event so that the player could indicate a request to deal a new card, hold, or start a new game and using switch to distinguish between the keys

  • Using the header and footer elements, new to HTML5, for directions and giving credit to sources

This is the last chapter of this book. I hope you take what you have learned and produce enhanced versions of these games and games of your own invention. Enjoy!


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