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Managing WCF Services

  • Nishith Pathak


Any new technology goes through numerous phases in its life cycle. The most exciting phase is the envisioning or evangelizing phase, where you are exposed to snazzy marketing material and promises of higher productivity. Then the technology graduates to the phase of gradual implementation by the industry. Many people get caught up in the euphoria of technical features in these two phases. Senior managers (i.e., CIOs and CTOs) of organizations are keen to deliver the “latest and greatest” technology to their shareholders. However, developers tend to focus their attention on implementing the technology. The development cycle for most of these new applications is much shorter than the expected life span of the systems. All these systems need to be maintained efficiently to justify the return on investment (ROI) over a long period of time. Unfortunately, in most cases people tend to overlook the management and operation of new technology. Specifically, how do you continue to support the new system? What are the operational processes that can assist in managing each component? Often, these questions are not appropriately answered when trying to promote new technology.


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