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Doug and Gary Carlston

Cofounders, Brøderbund Software
  • Morgan Ramsay


Doug Carlston was the cofounder of Brøderbund Software where he was chairman and chief executive officer. Brøderbund published a number of notable products including The Print Shop, the Carmen Sandiego line, and other great game and educational products. Before Brøderbund, Doug earned a law degree at Harvard University, practiced law and built houses in Maine. During Doug’s tenure at Brøderbund, it became one of the most influential software development companies and went public in November 1991. Doug left Brøderbund after the 1998 sale to the Learning Company. After Brøderbund, he was chairman of ICplanet for two years, and thereafter was a director or chairman at Public Radio International, and A. H. Belo Corporation and still today, at Political Action, and Tawala Systems, Inc.


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