Crowdsourcing or Once Again Formalizing My Practice

  • Michelle Accardi-Petersen


So not to put too fine a point on it, but once again there is a validation, by adoption and trends in the marketplace, of my principles and manner of operation as a marketing professional. Crowdsourcing is once again an application of the principle of obvious pragmatic innovation. You may recall that, as I’ve discussed previously, there is a formalization of “this manner of doing business” coined obvious pragmatic innovation, which is a foundational premise of this book. It is my sincere hope that the adoption of engineering principles, specifically the agile methodology, to other areas of operational concerns in your organization—for this book, it is marketing—has become obvious. So what I am saying about crowdsourcing is that there are many leading companies adopting this concept as one of the feeds into their product enhancement sourcing, and this mechanism is a natural fit into agile and therefore adaptable for agile marketing. Before we begin that discussion, I would like to include a recent interview I conducted as part of my continuing research on agile adoption in the marketplace. I was asked to be a speaker at this organization’s online “innovation forum” because I was able to assist in facilitating the utilization of their technology as a supporting element for my company’s internal and external virtual webcasting and event initiatives, in a pragmatic and innovative way. As part of this process, I was fortunate enough to have a discussion with their president and CEO, Mr. Sharat Sharan, about my forthcoming book, and he informed me they were utilizing agile for their product development.


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