How to Get Moving in Agile

  • Michelle Accardi-Petersen


On our journey thus far, we have covered a lot of ground as it relates to the application of agile to the marketing role within or for an enterprise. I have outlined some of my thoughts and ideology about marketing as a practice, the role of marketing in an organization, examples of successful marketing outcomes, the importance of process, the importance of marketing planning, the path to driving collaboration, a case study on my personal experience and the components of that experience, and my concept of the marketing Garden of Eden with true and pragmatic components of ADAM and EVE. As I mentioned in the beginning of this book, the fundamental principle throughout this book is my steadfast belief of obvious pragmatic innovation fully supported by process and practice, with people collaborating every step of the way. Agile marketing encompasses the application of both process and procedures associated with a non-traditional marketing methodological approach. It borrows from the agile engineering discipline of application development and the application of what I am coining the “obvious principle.”


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