Collaborative Leadership

Aligning Resources, Sales, and Other Frenemies: The Making of the Marketing Garden of Eden
  • Michelle Accardi-Petersen


Marketing and sales always seem to be a odds. Ever wonder why? No, it’s not because salespeople are egomaniacal jerks who think they know everything, or because marketing folks are a bunch of lazy, good for nothing, ivory-tower stuffed suits (though I have seen some organizations where those generalizations could stick). It’s because their missions are not aligned. Sales is tasked with bringing home the bacon on a month-to-month, quarter-by-quarter basis. Marketing has a longer time threshold with awareness, thought leadership, demand generation, and lead nurturing metrics being measured over a much longer time period. After all, brands are not built overnight. So how can a sales organization that loves its marketing department when it is doing well and hates them when times are slow ever really get out of being accused of being corporate backstabbers, when marketing may be a quarter behind them in delivering the leads they need today? Can there ever be peace in the Garden of Eden with snakes lurking around every corner? The truth, and starting at the very beginning, can set you free.


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