Agile: Marketing’s New Method

Pigs, Chickens, and Other Dr. Seuss Rascals
  • Michelle Accardi-Petersen


Today’s marketing environment can look intimidating, and even scary to a marketing professional. One of the reasons you may be holding this book in your hand or perhaps your choice of e-book reader is the hope that this book will assist you in navigating, overcoming, and meeting the often daunting challenges that you as a contemporary marketing professional are facing minute by minute. Well, the simple answer is that I truly believe you’ve come to the right place. If you are still reading, then it is my hope that at a minimum you are intrigued by what is coming next, cynically thinking what is coming next, or hopefully wondering what silver bullet this book is going to reveal. Whatever your thoughts at this point, thank you for continuing to read, and while it may not be so much magic, I do think this book will establish a foundation for the adoption and integration of this innovative approach into your thought processes as you approach the challenges you face.


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