Shopping at the iTunes Store

  • Michael Grothaus
  • Erica Sadun


Not only does the iPod’s iTunes Store application allow you to buy music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks from iTunes right now, it also shows a great deal of promise as the forerunner of a generation of future mobile points of sale. This chapter has shown you how to use this application to search, select, preview, and purchase music. Here are a few points to take away from this chapter:
  • Don’t confuse the iTunes Store application with the Music application. The iTunes Store app is for downloading music and videos, and the Music app is for playing your music.

  • If you know how to browse through one section of the iTunes Store, you know how to browse through all the sections. Apple has done a good job at making the iTunes Store app easy to navigate.

  • Any item purchased on the iTunes Store app will automatically sync back to your iTunes library on your computer. This includes movie rentals! If you started watching a rented movie on your iPod touch and want to finish it on your laptop, simply sync the iPod to your computer. You can then finish watching the rental on your computer. Just be sure to finish the movie in the 24-hour time window! After that, it is automatically deleted from all your devices.

  • Make sure to transfer purchases back to your computer. If you don’t and you try to redownload the song or video from the iTunes store on your computer, you will be charged again!

  • Play around with Ping, but don’t expect to be blown away unless you are a music freak.


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