Putting Your Data and Media on the iPod Touch

  • Michael Grothaus
  • Erica Sadun


In this chapter, you explored the options you have for syncing your media and data with your iPod touch. You discovered where to get your media and how to make sure your iPod touch/iTunes sync preferences stick. To wind things up, here is a quick overview of some key points from this chapter:
  • The way your iPod touch connects with iTunes and the preferences you are presented with will be familiar to you if you’ve used an iPhone or iPod touch; however, there are some important differences with the iPod touch.

  • The Capacity bar will always be visible in the iPod touch preference window and is an easy indicator to see how much space you have left on your iPod touch.

  • No change you make to your iPod touch preference window is complete until you click the Apply button. Likewise, if you accidentally make a change you don’t want, you can always click the Cancel button.

  • It is important to manage what data you sync with your iPod touch. If you sync all of your music, you might not have room left over for syncing your photos and videos.

  • Syncing apps can be fun and easy using the visual representation of your iPod touch under the Apps tab. However, sometimes app syncing can be a slow process if you have a lot of apps. Waiting can be a pain, but it’s best never to interrupt a sync.

  • Syncing of your movies, music, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U items, books, and photos is pretty straightforward, and once you’ve mastered how to sync one form of media, the rest are a cinch.


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