Photographing and Recording the World Around You

  • Michael Grothaus
  • Erica Sadun


The front and rear cameras add some nice features to the iPod touch. The HD video-recording capabilities are amazing, but the still photography leaves something to be desired. Here are a few key tips for you to carry away with you:
  • If you’re going on vacation, leave your bulky HD video camera at home. Your iPod touch lets you record great-quality video at 720p. Just be sure to bring a laptop so you can dump your video off on its hard drive and make way for more video on your iPod touch.

  • Do not leave your regular digital still camera at home if you are going on vacation. Yes, you can take still photos with the iPod touch, but it’s more for social use, such as taking quick snaps of friends or self-portraits. If you want to catch that beautiful sunset over the ocean, do it on a point-and-shoot camera.

  • Need a new profile picture for Facebook? The front camera on the iPod touch makes it easy to take self-shots.

  • You can zoom in while in still camera mode, but there is no zoom option while recording video.

  • One minute of 720p video takes up about 120MBs. Keep this in mind if you are going to be recording a lot of video because you’ll need a lot of free space on your iPod.

  • Apple has imposed a seemingly arbitrary limit on e-mailing videos. A video clip must be 54 seconds long or shorter in order for you to e-mail it. If it’s 55 seconds or longer, you’ll be asked to trim the clip before you e-mail it.

  • If you are taking pictures or recording video within range of a Wi-Fi network, the iPod’s Camera app will tag your photos and videos with geodata. Applications such as Apple’s iPhoto can then display your photos on a map.


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