Using Your Desk Set: Contacts, Calculator, Notes, Weather, Stocks, and Voice Memos

  • Michael Grothaus
  • Erica Sadun


As you can now see, the iPod touch includes several useful tools for the user, whether they are a business professional or a student. Both the Contacts and Calculator applications provide helpful on-hand references for when you need a quick jog to your memory. The Contacts app also lets you expand your address book while on the go and synchronize it to your home computer. The Calculator is always there to get you out of a jam when you realize you didn’t pay attention in Algebra 101. Stocks and Weather lets you check both your current and future financial and climate forecasts, and finally, Notes and Voice Memos let you jot down ideas in written or oral form.

Here are a few last thoughts:
  • Although the iPod touch does not have an onboard phone, it’s easy enough to look up numbers on the iPod and type them into your cell phone.

  • It’s really nice to have all your numbers and addresses in one place. Because our iPods sync to our computers, we don’t have to keep a half dozen separate address books, each on a separate device. We can rely on the iPod’s version instead.

  • The iPod’s calculator is a lifesaver when you realize math isn’t your strong suit.

  • The Stocks and Weather applications provide great ways to keep up with real-time information using classic Apple design.

  • Although the Notes application is limited, it offers a convenient way to jot down notes in a central and easy-to-remember location.

  • How many times have you been in a class or meeting and wish you had a voice recorder with you? With your iPod touch, now you do.


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