Bringing Home the iPod Touch

  • Michael Grothaus
  • Erica Sadun


In this chapter, you’ve seen how to select and purchase your iPod touch. You’ve discovered what’s involved in setting up an iTunes account, activating your iPod, and performing your first sync. To wind things up, here is a quick overview of some key points from this chapter:
  • There are several models of the iPod touch, but whichever unit you choose, you’ll probably want to buy it in person at a store, unless you need an online-only feature such as engraving.

  • To use your iPod, you must own a computer. Make sure you have a computer that is compatible with the iPod before purchasing an iPod touch.

  • iPods are not cheap. Protect your investment by insuring your touch, and consider adding AppleCare for two years of coverage (from the date of purchase) against hardware repairs.

  • Your iPod touch purchase entitles you to one complimentary support incident within the first 90 days of product ownership.

  • There are almost as many accessories for the iPod touch as there are songs in the iTunes Store. You may have to do a lot of browsing before you know which accessory is right for you.


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