Triage with Single Metrics

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The ability to triage is what almost everyone believes will be introduced or enhanced when they undertake an APM initiative. If you dig for a bit more detail, you will also find that IT folks tend to treat triage and root-cause analysis as the same thing. They are not. While they both depend on processes to augment the various tools employed, triage is what you do to eliminate suspects during an incident, and root-cause analysis is what you do to understand how the incident occurred—after triage has confirmed your suspect. In reality, there are four levels of triage capability that an organization will achieve as APM becomes established. You need to understand their goals and limitations so that you can manage the expectations of your stakeholders and keep your APM imitative on track.


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  1. 4.
    Industry web site response times can average twenty seconds normally (2005).
  2. 5.
    An example of a stalled component thresholds is 15 sec from “Detecting and Resolving Stalled and Stuck I/O Issues in SQL Server 2000 SP 4” 2005,

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