Introducing MySQL


The MySQL relational database server was born almost 15 years ago out of an internal company project by employees of the Sweden-based TcX DataKonsult AB (AB is an abbreviation for Aktiebolag, which is the Swedish term for corporation). Their project, dubbed MySQL, was first released to the general public at the end of 1996. The software proved so popular that in 2001 they founded a company based entirely around MySQL-specific service and product offerings, calling it MySQL AB. Profitable since its inception, MySQL AB grew by leaps and bounds, establishing offices in several countries, attracting substantial venture capital funding, and announcing numerous high-profile partnerships with an array of corporate heavyweights, including Red Hat, Veritas, Novell, and Rackspace. This growth culminated in the company’s 2008 acquisition by Sun Microsystems, which was in turn purchased by Oracle Corporation in early 2009.


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